Coastal Security LLC will provide quality service to our clients for a fair price, employing professional, neatly uniformed, mature , personnel able to effectively communicate with clients and their staff.



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"We will often not be the cheapest security company in the area, but we will be the best!" C. Brian Bodine, President and CEO of Coastal Security.






Coastal Security Company was organized in 1997 by Mr. Buddy Allen of Albertville, Alabama as a subsidiary of Marshall County Security Company. Mr. Allen who owned a very successful guard service in North Alabama owned a condo in Orange Beach. Responding to request from local-management companies for a better service on the properties they represented, Mr. Allen started Coastal. In 2004, Mr. Allen chose to retire from the security business and sought to sell the company.

Mr. C. Brian Bodine, a retired law enforcement officer and former Chief of Police with over 30 years of public safety experience, purchased the company in June of 2004. Within three months, the Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast area was devastated by Hurricane Ivan. Coastal Security was faced with the daunting task of hiring and training large numbers of quality personnel to assist with the recovery effort. Due to our exceptional service during the aftermath of this catastrophe, Coastal Security has emerged as the major provider of on-site guard services along the beach.

In the years since the hurricane, Coastal Security has consistently increased the level of professionalism and quality of our service to a level that no other security company on the Gulf Coast can match. We pride ourselves in having the most extensively trained and professional guards in the area. As part of our growth, we now require that all guards pass an extensive pre-employment background investigation, including registration and fingerpring clearance from the Orange Beach Police Department, as well as completing an in-depth initial training program. They must also pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol screening.

In an effort to increase the level of services offered to our clients, we have also increased our scope of services to include Security Analysis, Mobile Patrol, Video Patrol, After Hours Manager-on-Duty Services, Telephone Answering Service, Private Investigations, Pre-Employment Background Investigations, On-site Drug and Alcohol Screening, Training and Background Screening.

Coastal Security is constantly looking for opportunities to expand into new areas in an effort to provide exceptional service to the Communities we serve.





Owner and CEO of Coastal Security, Brian Bodine, holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Troy State University in Police Administration, Criminal Investigation, and Sociology. Brian has 32 plus years of experience in the Public Safety field serving as Director of Public Safety, Police and Fire Chief in four cities. He has also been an adjunct instructor for Faulkner Community College, The University of Alabama, Law Enforcement Academy, and the Alabama State Fire College, as well as a course proctor for Columbia Southern University. He has done numerous training sessions over the years for local, state and federal agencies throughout the Southeast on such subjects as management leadership and supervision, and incident command. Brian brings this vast experience to the private security business where he strives to utilize innovation, technology, and high standards to create and maintain a truly professional security service.




Dennis Bodine, Vice President of Coastal Security LLC, holds a B.S. from Troy University in Criminal Justice, Police Administration and Sociology. Dennis has 38 years of Law Enforcement experience and retired as a Major from the Montgomery Police Department (1997) where he served as Commander of the Investigative Division. He recently retired from the State of Alabama where he served as the Chief Agent for the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center over the Field Operations Division. His division interacted on a daily basis with over 1000 local, state and federal criminal justice agencies and over 21,000 individuals. His background in Investigations, facility security, training and technology provides Coastal with added resources that we can offer to our clients. He is a past member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, The Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police. He currently serves as an active member of the Alabama Peace Officers Association and the Alabama Alarm Association.



Leigh Bodine, Executive Assistant - Leigh has been with the company since April of 2004 and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. She uses her past experience in various arenas which include: managing a local answering service, police radio dispatch, and retail customer service positions in several venues, to ensure the needs of the business, our employees, and our clients are being met and exceeded. Leigh is an integral part of the success of Coastal Security.



Emily Bodine, Chief Purchasing Officer, joined the Company in 2008 after retiring from Kaiser Realty, Association management Division where she served as Administrative Assistant to the Department head. She has an extensive background in Resort Association management including purchasing, vendor coordination and records management. In addition to handling purchasing for the company she also serves as the company Quartermaster issuing and maintaining Guard Uniforms and Equipment. Mrs. Bodine also has experience as a Police Dispatcher, Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighter.



Mike Stanley, Chief Guard Supervisor - Chief Guard Mike Stanley brings a lifetime of security related experience to the job. He spent 19 years with the West Virginia Department of Corrections starting as a Corrections Officer and rising to the rank of Lieutenant. During this time, Mike was also serving as an officer with the National Guard. He was deployed to Iraq where his unit was called to duty during the first Gulf War. His unit was in charge of the security and safety of Prisoners of War. On return from Iraq Mike retired and moved to Fairhope where he now resides. Soon after his retirement, Mike came to work for Coastal Security. With his vast knowledge of the properties along the beach, he was promoted to our management team in 2005, as Chief Guard.



James Bates, Systems Manager, coordinates repairs and installations of the Video Patrol cameras and systems. He also maintains all computer and peripheral equipment at the Coastal Security Office. Jim retired from the US Navy after giving 21 years of Honorable service. During his time in the US Navy, many of his duty stations were overseas. He spent seven years with the military police force, both overseas and stateside. During the September 11th crisis at the World Trade Center in 2001, Jim was attached to the Tactical SIGINT Research Department at Fort Meade Maryland National Security Agency (NSA). While assigned at NSA, his unit was dispatched to the United States Army Communications Command at Fort Monmouth NJ, to assist in the search for the Black Boxes at Ground Zero.


SERVICES - “We are a demand-led business, meeting the needs and security of our clients is foremost in our minds.”

Guard Services...


Coastal Security is the premier security service company for the Alabama / Florida Gulf Coast. We pride ourselves in having the most extensively trained and professional guards in the area.

All of our guards have passed an extensive background check , pre-employment interviews as well as drug and alcohol screening. All guards must also submit to registration and fingerprint clearance by the Orange Beach Police Department (Alabama) or the by the Florida Division of Licensing (Florida).

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Coastal Security's guards must successfully complete an in-depth initial training program covering such subjects as conflict resolution, access control, fire protection, law and rule enforcement. We also take great care to provide advanced site-specific instruction, assuring each assignment’s unique needs are addressed. In order to maintain the highest level of professionalism we provide continuous training to our employees through direct one-on-one training sessions delivered by Operations training staff.



Onsite guards provide the highest level of security on a property. These guards are often the first line of defense a client has to protect against unauthorized intrusions, thefts or other criminal acts or even enforcement of property specific rules.

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Each guard site is provided with a reference manual that includes copies of all guard duties and responsibilities as well as standard operating procedures for that site. Additionally Coastal supervisors and managers are on duty around the clock to deal with any question of policy or to assist onsite guards. Our supervisors and managers routinely visit sites and provide additional support and assistance. We do not charge extra for supervisory personnel, it is part of our service.
Our on-site guards frequently perform other duties in addition to security on sites where it is beneficial to the client and it is practical to do so. Specific services are identified and agreed to by Coastal and the client at the time of contract. We are very open to ideas that will enhance the value of the service we provide to our clients.


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For those properties that require an onsite person that performs other tasks beside security we have services available. Our personnel can handle a number of on-site services that a property association or business may require that are not security related such as equipment issue, light clean-up services, registrations, providing directions and assistance to guests, porter services to name a few. These Concierge personnel do not wear the formal guard uniform but are provided a casual uniform that blends with the property and the additional services provide.

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For those occasions/events when you need extra security we can provide security officers for weddings, dances, parties, races or other events. The presence of a uniformed security officer will often times prevent an unfortunate incident from occurring. Our officers are trained to handle these events.

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Patrol Services



For those customers who want security but having an on-site guard on duty all or part of the time is prohibitive, Coastal Security offers additional patrol services. All of our patrol cars are equipped with “Navman” vehicle locator systems which not only accurately report unit locations but also log all property checks and provide 2-way text communication between dispatch and our patrol units.

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The Drive-By Patrol Program provides a cost-effective way to have your property checked during the hours when you are not on site. Our patrol will check your property an average of 2 to 4 times per night identifying and handling any issues or concerns appropriately. Patrol guards will exit the vehicle as needed to check specific areas that are not readily observable, but do not conduct a full physical walk-through or facility lock-up. This service includes unlimited security responses when called to the property during the hours of service



Mobile Guard Service includes a more in depth patrol service. Our guards patrol client properties an average of 2 to 4 times per night exiting the vehicle as needed to check unobservable areas, but also conduct at least one a physical walk-though of the property including any facilities lock-up that might be required. This service also includes unlimited security responses when called to the property during the hours of service


Offered exclusively by Coastal Security, “Video Patrol” combines our Mobile Guard Service with video monitoring from our Central Dispatch Center. After installation of video cameras, the client property is linked wirelessly to our dispatch center, providing live off-site video monitoring for maximum security and protection thereby reducing the randomness of unmonitored patrol. Issues of concern are identified and relayed to our Mobile Guards for timely response.

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“Video Patrol Service” is the most cost effective way to maintain the highest level of security possible, short of having an on-site guard on property 24 hours a day.
Because the actual video recording equipment can be physically present on site, the addition of an on-site monitor can allow an on-site security guard to observe these same key areas during the time that they are on site. Also in the event an incident occurs requiring a permanent record, the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) has the capability to copy video archives to a CD.

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It is not our intent to sell CCTV equipment but rather offer an affordable security solution for clients demanding more than random patrols with service closely rivaling that of an on-site guard. We provide, install, maintain and own the cameras.

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EMPLOYMENT - We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.






Memories 2009...


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Memories 2008...


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Ron Cope on his birthday



Ray retired this year to spend more time with his newly adopted
kids... ( two Labrador retrievers).



James is finally taking time to get his honey do list completed as
well as visiting family now that he has retired.



Charlie Blades has moved to Texas.



Sandra Langdon has moved to Florence, Alabama.


Memories 2007...


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FAREWELL PARTY FOR BOB BROYARD - Lead Guard Bob Broyard and family recently relocated to Austin Texas. Bob played an intregal part in the success of this company and we were all sorry to see he and the girls go. Good Luck Bob!


Harry Hayes - Lead Guard Harry Hayes found the pictured sign attached to his portable guard house at Tradewinds during the summer. It was a message from his friends at C-Sharpe regarding his weight gain during the construction phase at Tradewinds. Apart of Harry's great sense of humor. We will miss him greatly.
Robert H. Hayes
11/20/1939 to 11/19/2006



Natiesha Campbell came to us from Kingston, Jamaica, on Summer Work Program while taking a break from school. She is currently working on her teaching degree at Mico University Teacher's College.



Adrian Ivanov is from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He came to us on Summer Work Program, enjoyed meeting the people, and will return to the U.S. in the summer of 2007. We send best wishes to one of our hardest workers.



We celebrated the wedding of Michelle and Tommy Nelson on the 29th of April, 2006. Tommy is one of our Lead Guards and Video Monitoring Staff members.  He and Michelle met in the drum corps competition and now both teach percussion in Pensacola.



Mario Blair is in his third year at the University of Technology in Kingston, Jamaica. We thoroughly enjoyed having him with us during his short break from studies. His major is finance and he plans to become a financial advisor and entrepreneur . . . one of the world's best, he says. Mario's philosophy is, 'Reach for the sky that you may fall on the clouds.'



Dimtcho Dimtchev is from the town of Sofia in Bulgaria. He is studying international relations at university and may look to a future as guide and translator for people who come to his country. He was a welcome addition to our team, but is now back at school. Dimtcho loved the tropical look of our beaches. 'The beach is calm and peaceful, very beautiful.'


We regret that we do not have pictures of all of the people who have joined us on the Summer Work Program. It has been a pleasure to work with, to get to know, people from other countries. We wish to thank them and invite them to return in the future.
From Jamaica: Erika Bennett, Gwen Harvey, Lasora Clarke, Latoya Ledgister, Moira Patterson, Nicola Barclay, Tarama Browney, Avadeen Thompson. From Russia: Dimitry Loginov, Alexander Vorobiev, Peter Latyshev.